Express Yourself in a Powerful Way

Waist Beads are various glass, crystal, or seed beads strung onto a string with a beading needle to form a beautiful and unique piece of body jewelry. Each creation is made to order uniquely for your body type and the way you want to personally express yourself with your bead and charm choices. 

Waist Beads can be used as an fashion piece, tool for self empowerment, or as a tool to track weight loss.

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Caring for your beads: You may wear your beads while in water or bathing, be careful not to tug or pull on your beads when dressing and undressing.

Return Policy:  No returns or refunds. If your beads are damaged within 7 days, send proof to [email protected] & you will receive a $5 store credit

Shipping Process: Creating your order and shipping it can take 7-14 days, you will be emailed a shipping number as soon as your package is sent.

History of Waist Beads

From giving you awareness of how much weight you have lost to being a representation of a certain virtue, they are collectively a beautiful aspect of the feminine proclamation of self in several African cultures. They also serve as a form of stylistic expression as you can customize what colors you want to display, how many waist beads you want to stack, and what types of beads you want to use. These pieces stem from various areas of the Diaspora, ranging from Ghana’s Dipo ceremonies to Nigeria’s Yoruba tribe and those in between. Although trendy, African women have traditionally worn these beads as a symbol of femininity and prosperity for centuries. The history of waist beads can be traced back as early as the 15th century and ancient Egypt. According to the Africa Facts Organization, “Jewelry in Africa is seldom just ornamental; rituals, religion, and ceremonies play a large part.” With that said, there is such a large amount of influence that stems from cultural aspects and is concentrated in the colors of the beads. Waist beads can even be traced back to ancient Egypt

Color Meanings

Black – Power

Blue – Loyalty 

Brown – Earth 

Gold – Good health, power, and wealth

Purple – Royalty

Green – Abundance

White – Light, truth, and purity

Orange – Courage, self-confidence

Yellow – Energy, joy, and happiness

Pink – Care, beauty, love, and kindness

Red – Confidence

Turquoise – Self-awareness


These beads and crystals are not meant to be beneficial for attracting wealth, rekindling romance, or warding off bad spirits; 

they are simply created for fashion pieces and self-love/empowerment purposes.