Complimentary With Every Massage Session

1.) Health Consultation

2.) Warm Steam Towels

3.) Heated Massage Table

4.) Sound Therapy

5.) Steam Sinus Relief with Essential Oils

When booking a spa service, Include the client's information who will be receiving a massage service, if it's a surprise, you may add another phone number and email address for appointment confirmations & communication purposes. Please bring your photo ID to your first appointment so we can verify your identity. New Client Intake Form must be completed online before your appointment, click the link below to complete the. form. Check your email for our company Policy & Procedures. contract, it must be signed before services can be rendered. If you have any questions please, call or text us (813) 447-5701

Complete New Client Online INTAKE FORM

Our Spa Menu

Your Massage Therapist will consult with you on the areas of focus and pressure level desired during your consultation prior to starting your massage. All massage sessions have 10 minutes of consultation and dressing time built into the session time.

1 Hour Massage Session $65

Relieve the stress of a busy day with a relaxing & therapeutic-body massage to improve circulation and also alleviate stress & fatigue. 

Half Hour Massage Session $45

Relieve the stress of a busy day with a relaxing & therapeutic-body massage to improve circulation and also alleviate stress & fatigue. 

Spa Day | Enhancement $30

Spend some extra time before and after your massage to soak up all the benefits. Unwind before your Massage Session with a comfy robe, beverage, & a snack, once you're all relaxed, drift into Massage heaven, and afterwards we'll have light refreshments, & sparkling water waiting for you, ensuring the Ultimate Spa Day. 

Full Body Stretch Deluxe $60

Kinesiology Taping to 2 areas plus 10 mins of percussion therapy to 2 areas.

Full Body Stretch $45

Stiff muscles and joints are not only painful, they often limit the body's range of motion. We provide professionally-assisted head to toe stretching techniques. It is built around a sequence of 10 targeted stretches that work from the top down, helping your muscles reach maximum flexibility. Please wear gym or loose fitting clothes for this session.

Warm Basalt Stones $15

A powerful massage technique that utilizes warm heated basalt stones on your entire back to enhance circulation & relieve stress and tension from the body.

Facial Massage $45

Enjoy a facial massage that includes, warm steam towels, a cleanser, exfoliating sugar scrub, hydrating face masque, toner, cold stone massage, and a light moisturizer. This is for relaxation purposes only not intended for skin care.

Deep Muscle Therapy $15

We penetrate to the deep layers of muscle by applying pressure to trigger points, to alleviate muscle aches & pains. 

Kinesiology Tape


*Coming Soon*

Kinesiology taping applies an elastic fabric strip with an adhesive backing to focused areas of the body. Add this enhancement to any massage or stretch session, which may help reduce discomfort, support an injured part of the body and keep you moving. We can tape your knee, ankle, shoulder, or elbow. 

(1 area included in price)

Policies & Procedures

Cancellation & No Show

When you commit to self care and schedule your Massage Session with Heavenly Hands, our time is designated just for you. We prefer a 24 hour notice If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, if you don't cancel within 6 hours of your appointment time or fail to let us know at all then you will be charged a $25 Cancellation Fee, the fee must be paid before you can book again. Cancellation fee exempt with valid Dr. Note.

Running Late

If late arrival is inevitable, your service will be shortened in order to keep on schedule and the original treatment time will be charged. Your appointment will not be able to be extended.

No Extra Guests

Your Massage Session is time designated for your relaxation and therapeutic needs, no extra guests are permitted inside the spa unless they are receiving spa services.

Loyalty Rewards

You don't have to wait a certain amount of appointments to earn rewards with Heavenly Hands, book your next appointment at the end of your spa service while you're still in the spa & receive a 10% off discount towards your next appointment. If you cancel your next massage then your coupon will not be valid. You will receive 1 point per $1 spent on spa services with Heavenly Hands, your points can accumulate to discounted & free spa services.

Covid Screening

A Covid-19 Pre-screening questionnaire will be sent to your cell phone, the form must be completed before your appointment, or your appointment will be cancelled, your temperature will also be taken with our contact-less thermometer, if your temperature is 100.4 or more, your appointment will be cancelled. Heavenly Hands will take multiple safety precautions to ensure your safety, such as contactless temperature checks, pre-screening questions, gloves during massage sessions, high-grade cleaning products, disposable massage face cradle covers, and use of masks. 

New Client Intake & Booking

When booking a massage service, Include the client's information who will be receiving a massage service, if it's a surprise, you may add another phone number and email address for appointment confirmations & communication purposes. First-time clients must complete our New Client Online Intake & send a copy of their photo id to our company's email address immediately after booking to verify their identity.

Informed Consent

Prior to each massage session, the treatment plan will be discussed with you. Prior to your first visit with me, you will receive a copy of the massage therapy policies and will be asked to sign the consent stating that you have read the information, understand it, and agree to comply with the professional massage therapy policies and procedures. Clients that have not been seen for at least a year will also be asked to fill out this form.

Mobile Massage

If there is no access to a nearby elevator and we need to go upstairs for services, a $15 stair fee will be added to your total. Heavenly Hands is not responsible for any parking or towing fees that may be incurred at your desired massage location. A travel fee will be added to your service total depending on your location; travel fees start at $30 

What to Expect

As soon as you walk through the door you will be greeted with a warm welcome, we are happy to see you and honored you trusted us with your self-care needs, we're excited to get to know you so in a private treatment room we will go over your health history, and your therapeutic goals for your massage session, we want you as comfortable as possible so your massage therapist will exit the room & give you time to undress to your level of comfort so you can get under the sheets on the massage table, during you full body massage, you can talk to your therapist as little or as much as you desire so that you can relax fully, during your massage session, its important to stay relaxed, breathe normally, and not tense up; when your massage is complete, your therapist will wait outside while you get dressed. When you’re ready, they’ll return with you to the front and offer you a bottle of water (it’s important to stay hydrated post-massage). If you appreciated your experience, you can always leave a tip. We look forward to your visit!

Frequently Asked Questions


Be prepared to schedule several massage sessions. Massage has its greatest benefits over time. The therapeutic effects of massage are cumulative, so the more often you get a massage, the better you will feel and the more quickly your body will respond. From one session to the next, relaxation deepens as the chronic patterns of stress in the body are affected and released. If you’re getting a massage to address chronic muscular tension or recovery from a soft tissue injury, more than one session is usually needed.


Generally, a full meal right before you hit the spa is a no-go, as massage certainly stimulates digestion. “I would suggest eating lightly right before a massage and having a meal a few hours prior. Of course, don’t starve yourself in the preceding hours, as you may feel dizzy or lightheaded during the massage as a result, but eating lightly one to two hours beforehand will allow for digestion while not making you feel uncomfortably full. 


A little pain is necessary to get the job done, right? Not necessarily. There may be slight pain in stretching or having tight or tensed muscles worked on, but relaxation really is the key. If too much force is provided, the muscle tightens up more and creates even more pain and possibly bruising muscle and damage. So, again, be sure to let your therapist know if something hurts. We promise, they won't be offended or think you're a wimp. 


Enter the Judgment-Free Zone, licensed Massage Therapists do not care about your weight or the fact that you forgot to shave your legs. We also understand that natural bodily functions happen, especially during a massage.