Our mission is to provide our guests with a 5 star & luxurious, spa-like experience in the comfort of their own home.

 We offer luxurious and therapeutic in-home spa treatments that are creatively designed to leave you feeling refreshed & recharged.

In-Home Massage & Spa Treatments

If you’re looking for a professional, talented, and reliable traveling massage therapist to come to your home for a great massage at a reasonable price - look no further! Heavenly Hands Massage Therapy & Spa is here to make that happen with the least amount of hassle as possible. Getting an In-Home Massage should be a stress-free affair, and the inevitable afterglow should be allowed some time to linger and set in for maximum benefit. This is made possible by receiving massage therapy in the comfort of your own home. After all, given the choice, who wants to jump straight into a car and hit the roads after a nice relaxing massage? At Heavenly Hands Massage Therapy & Spa we are in-home massage therapy specialists. Our goal is to provide our guests a 5 - star & spa-like massage experience so relax, all you have to do is give us a call, tell us what kind of massage you like, and what time you’d like to have it. Our massage therapist(s) will travel to your home, bring everything needed, set up, and let you relax and enjoy.  Licensed, screened, background-checked, insured, & fully vetted by the Board of Massage Therapy and the Florida Health Department; Heavenly Hands Massage Therapist are chosen for their excellence & further trained in continuing education classes to reach their highest level of expertise and customer satisfaction.

You can put your trust in us, book your massage today! Give us a call any day or evening of the week. One of our dedicated staff members is always here to help you and facilitate in-home massage therapy sessions. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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Founder | CEO | Licensed Massage Therapist  Certified Reflexologist 

 Natural & Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

Jimeria Chukes was introduced to Massage Therapy through personal massage sessions and her parent's extraordinary healing after a severe car accident; She was amazed at the powerful support therapeutic bodywork gave her parents during their recovery and decided to attend Everest University's Massage Therapy Program - graduating at the top of her class with Honors. After 4 years in practice, she is still passionate about Massage Therapy and what it can offer. Jimeria's approach to easing discomfort in the body is holistic & integrative, keeping her client's well-being #1 priority! Jimeria specializes in Deep Tissue, Swedish, Pre-natal, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Bamboo Fusion, Sports, and Hot Stone Massage Therapy; these types of massage therapies are designed for profound therapeutic benefits for the body, mind, and soul. 

Experience A Natural Mind, Body, & Soul Rejuvenation With Massage Therapy.

A holistic approach to healthcare focuses not only on the disease, injury, or ailment but instead on the person as a whole - mind, body, and soul.

It's time to embrace self-care and wellness; your health is an investment, not an expense. Consistent massage therapy sessions with heavenly hands massage therapy & Spa is a holistic and alternative health care option. Consistent massage therapy sessions can help with migraines, injury-rehabilitation, insomnia, muscle pain, stress reduction, & more. Join our wellness program membership and renew your body, mind, and soul today. At the base of holistic treatment is the principle that when one part of the person is ignored or out of balance, it causes the entire system to become imbalanced. If treatment is only given to one part, the patient cannot really experience full healing, because other aspects of their being are ignored. 

Massage Therapy For The Mind

The health benefits of massage therapy extend beyond simply soothing muscle aches and pains. Through the art of touch, massage allows the body to form a mutually beneficial relationship with our brain. When a person experiences the physical relaxation involved with massage, the brain releases proteins and neurotransmitters – such as dopamine, the “happiness chemical” – to promote a sense of Zen and wellness within the body. General emotional health is also improved through the decrease of cortisol levels, a chemical associated with thyroid, high cholesterol and high blood pressure issues, leaving the patient feeling cleansed of unwanted stress and tension. 

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Massage Therapy For The Body

Holistic physical health starts within each tiny cell of our body, making steady oxygenated blood flow imperative for daily mind-body function. Regular exercise is an excellent source for increased blood circulation, however, massage therapy sessions have been found to have a similar effect on the body. Increased blood flow is beneficial for skin, internal organ and cognitive health. And it doesn’t end there. Massage therapy has been used for years to assist patients with excessive muscle tension or strains due to rigorous physical activity. Through muscle “balancing,” a massage therapy technique focused on simulating weak or contracted muscle areas, the patient may experience improved conditioning and flexibility – not to mention an end to that unsightly slouch!

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Massage Therapy For The Soul

​It has been realized for decades that holistic health may only be achieved through the inclusion of spiritual elements. Greek philosopher, Philo of Alexandria, wrote: “Profess an art of healing better than that current in the cities, which cures only the bodies, while theirs treats also souls." Regardless of a person’s religious affiliations, massage therapists advocate the belief in the essential spiritual motivation to their practice; Bodywork therapists draw in on this underlying connection to better their patient’s physical, mental and spiritual well-being through the art of massage therapy.

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Regular Massage Therapy Sessions Are A Natural & Holistic Approach To Healthcare. Start Your Wellness Journey Today!

Holistic treatment has a few main principles that make up the philosophy behind it:

1. Achieving Optimal Health: This is the main goal of holistic treatment. Optimal health - or when the person is doing well mentally, physically, and spiritually - is the epitome of a successful holistic treatment.

2. Love: Holistic practitioners believe that love has monumental healing powers that can be used to help patients fight disease. Health care providers at Heavenly Hands who practice holistic treatments focus on interacting with their guests in a way that promotes kindness, grace, unconditional acceptance, and abounding spirit. We believe that love, like laughter, is one of life's most potent healers.

3. Relationships: In modern medicine, it's easy for a patient to become another number or a statistic. Holistic treatment strives to treat every guest as the unique individuals they are in order to create close relationships. Holistic care practitioners believe that this deep guest-practitioner relationship will allow guests to have a hand in their treatment.



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